Adaptive Solutions

Disability Awareness Training

Disability Rights & Resources has an unlimited treasure trove of training options. From individuals to corporations, we are able to provide you with whatever you need to be aware in whatever environment is presented.

We have provided personalized training for local and regional entities including: the Carolina Panthers; Boy Scouts of America leaders; and Blumenthal Performing Arts Center.

At Disability Rights & Resources, we are constantly keeping up with current trends when it comes to providing information for our consumers. Our focus on disability awareness stays at the top of our agenda.

Topics covered in training include:

  • Disability Awareness, Sensitivity & Inclusiveness
  • Disability as Diversity & Defining Disabilities
  • Aging and Disabilities
  • Community Living Transition
  • Riding Public Transportation
  • Working with Scouts with Disabilities
  • Specifically for Businesses: Customer Service and People with Disabilities
  • Reasonable Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities.
  • Specialized Training for Ushers and Box Office Personnel; Bus & Taxi Drivers; and Other Service Industry Personnel.

Contact our Executive Director, Julia Sain at 704-537-0550 or to get the full list of workshop/training opportunities and to find out about signing up for or scheduling a session for you or your organization.

Be sure to include: how you heard about us; your name and contact information; whom you represent (company, civic group, house of worship, etc.); how many people would participate; where the workshop would take place; and what topics might you be interested in hearing about. If you don’t know, then we will be happy to discuss your many options with you and find the best topic(s) for your group.

We look forward to your call and the opportunity to work with you to meet your goals!