Adaptive Solutions

Workshops & Training

Presentations specifically tailored to your business or group needs.

  • Americans with Disabilities Act
    • Overview
    • Employment
    • State & Local requirements
    • Business responsibilities
    • Transportation Services
  • Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG)
    • Accessible Parking
    • Accessible Voting
    • Historic Properties, Arts & Other Issues of Access
  • Developing an Advocacy Council
  • Effective Advocacy Techniques
  • Fair Housing Requirements
  • Supreme Court Decisions Impacting People with Disabilities
  • Surveying Your Property for Accessibility
  • Disability Awareness, Sensitivity & Inclusiveness
  • Disability as Diversity & Defining Disabilities
  • Aging and Disabilities
  • Community Living Transition
  • Riding Public Transportation
  • Working with Scouts with Disabilities
  • Specifically for Businesses: Customer Service and People with Disabilities
  • Reasonable Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities.
  • Specialized Training for Ushers and Box Office Personnel; Bus & Taxi Drivers; & Other Service Industry Personnel.


Getting started is really pretty easy!

Contact our Executive Director, Julia Sain at 704-537-0550, or

What we will need to know is:

  • Your name & contact information.
  • Who you represent (company, civic group, house of worship, etc.).
  • About how many people would participate.
  • Where the workshop would take place.
  • What topics might you be interested in hearing about. Don’t know? We will be happy to discuss your many options with you and find the best topic(s) for your group.
  • How did you hear about us?

We look forward to your call and the opportunity to work with you to meet your goals!

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