Adaptive Solutions

Fighting for Justice:

Staff, who also live with disabilities, advocate with you to reach your own personalized independent living goals. Success in meeting those goals is up to you.

Sometimes barriers to independence are caused by people not thinking of alternative ways of providing a service. Sometimes barriers are actual discrimination against a person with a disability or a whole group of people with disabilities.

Whatever the reason for the barrier, Disability Rights & Resources staff are trained and experienced in working with all parties involved to resolve the issue. Using effective advocacy techniques and a vast knowledge of laws affecting people with disabilities, we have a high success rate.

Sometimes it is just a matter of a business owner or employer not knowing the law and their obligations. Sometimes it is the person with a disability who does not know the law and their responsibilities. We educate while we advocate.

Sometimes we find that there are actual policies in place that are discriminatory; or proper policies are in place without proper rules or training for following the policies. We help everyone involved peel back the layers of the onion to get to the core of the issue. Many times that process leads parties to a logical conclusion. Then our staff continues to work with the parties to see the resolution of the issue.

Here’s how we advocate:

  • We work with the business community to ensure barriers are eliminated, therefore opening up opportunities to more customers.
  • We teach businesses and organizations how to live and work around people with disabilities.
  • We provide Americans With Disabilities Act technical assistance to the government and businesses.
  • We pursue all avenues of action, including legal, to protect the rights of all people with disabilities.

Regardless of the issue, our advocacy efforts ensure that as a community, all of us have equal access to a fulfilling, rewarding life.