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Travel Training



Do you feel like you cannot leave home and want to get out, but do not have transportation?

Do you wish you had your own transportation without having to depend on friends and family?

Do you want to learn to use public transportation?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we have a wonderful travel training program for you: Let’s All Go!

Click here to access the Let’s All Go! Toolkit and Transportation Database.

Travel training is one-on-one instruction designed to teach individuals to travel safely and independently using fixed route transportation within their community. This free program provides you a travel trainer who will teach you to safely and independently use the Charlotte Area Transit (CATS and/or Lynx) public transportation system to reach your desired destination.

Individuals who participate in the Let’s All Go! program will learn travel skills that are designed to meet their individual needs while following a specific route, typically to school, a job site, or a desired community location, i.e., mall, the movies, the library, or just to visit a friend. Each individual’s needs and abilities differ, so training techniques and time devoted will vary with each person.

The target groups for this program include people with disabilities, seniors, veterans, and individuals with low or no income.

Consider these examples:

A young man with a cognitive disability received travel-training services and learned how to use fixed-route buses safely and independently. As a result, he is now able to commute daily across town to his new job at the “Y.”

A veteran who has a spinal cord injury and uses a power chair, wants to visit a friend across town, but does not have the skills and confidence needed to use public transportation. With the help of a travel-trainer, he has learned to make the trip, not only to visit his friend, but get out to other areas in Charlotte.

Call 704-537-0550, ext. 18 or email for more information. We will be happy to speak with you about this wonderful program that’s getting people out and about using public transportation!

Click here to view the Let’s All Go! Title VI Civil Rights Policy.