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Mecklenburg Transportation System (MTS)


The mission of the Human Services Transportation Program is to provide the highest quality transportation services to our elderly and disabled citizens in an environment that is safe for all of our customers and employees, by transporting our customers in a consistently safe and timely way, and in a caring and supportive manner while delivering maximum value to our customers and to Mecklenburg County tax payers.

Description of Services

Congregate Transportation staff drivers transport older adults to congregate nutrition sites operated by the Senior Citizens Nutrition Program (SCNP).  This service is funded through the Home and Community Care Block Grant Program.

Contract Services Transportation staff drivers transport developmentally disabled adults to sheltered workshops and employment destinations.  They also transport older adults to Adult Day Care centers.  Various agencies contract with the program for this service and are invoiced monthly for their client transportation.

Elderly General Purpose (EGP) and Rural General Purpose (RGP) Transportation 
EGP staff transport older adults who need help getting to medical, educational, social, recreational, and religious destinations.  To receive this service, an individual must: (a) live in Mecklenburg County, (b) be at least 60 years of age, (c) and meet other criteria as explained during the assessment.   

RGP staff transport individuals who live outside of the Charlotte City limits to destinations within the city limits and Mecklenburg County.  To receive this service, an individual must: (a) live outside the City of Charlotte and (b) meet other criteria as explained during the assessment.   



Medical Transportation staff schedulers arrange transportation for eligible individuals to medical destinations utilizing the services of private transportation companies (taxi cabs, specialty van services, non-emergency ambulance services). This service is funded by Medicaid, the Elderly and Disabled Transportation Assistance Program (EDTAP), and by some local funding. 

In order to receive medical transport through EDTAP, the individual must: (a) live in Mecklenburg County, (b) be at least 60 years of age and/or disabled, (c) and meet other criteria as explained during the assessment.  To receive the service through Medicaid, an individual must be in a Medicaid authorized status, not on a deductible.   

Veterans Transportation drivers transport Veterans who are clients of the Mecklenburg County Veterans Office to VA Hospitals and clinics in Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Durham, Asheville, and Salisbury.  This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How to Apply for Services

Operational Policy


Medicaid Recipients, Elderly General Purpose, Rural General Purpose and EDTAP passengers have a right to transportation provided by Mecklenburg Transportation System (MTS).


MTS passengers have a right to be treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect at all times by MTS personnel.


MTS passengers shall arrive at their destinations no later than their actual appointment times and shall be picked up for the return trip within 30 minutes of the call requesting the outbound trip.


A passengerís right to transportation may be terminated by the transportation system due to misconduct of the passenger.† Disruptive or abusive behavior to other passengers or driver will not be tolerated.


No profanity or vulgarity is allowed during transport, while scheduling rides, or communicating with dispatchers or other MTS personnel.


No weapons (knives or firearms) will be allowed on MTS vehicles.


Passengers are not permitted to eat, drink, or smoke in MTS vehicles.† Exceptions are made to allow eating or drinking which is medically necessary due to a passengerís medical condition or treatment.


All passengers must wear seat belts to ensure the safety of all individuals in the vehicle.† Passengers will be denied transportation services if they choose not to abide by the seat belt policy.† If you are taking children with you, you must have the proper child safety seat as stated in North Carolina laws.


No screaming, loud talking, singing or playing of loud music is allowed.


No inappropriate display of affection or sexual activity to the driver or another passenger will be allowed.


No release of human waste, including spitting, is allowed.† This does not include instances of vomiting or incontinence due to treatments, medication, or illness.


Passengers are to ride in the vehicle that comes to pick them up even if there are other Department of Social Services (DSS) passengers riding.


Passengers are to be ready to be picked up at least one (1) hour before their appointment time.† The driver will not wait.


Passengers can only be taken to places that are approved by MTS and that are listed on the trip order. Passengers are not to ask the driver to stop anywhere else.


Passengers are to report changes to MTS schedulers, i.e. address, telephone number, name, time, ambulatory to non-ambulatory or vice versa, or discontinuation of transportation services.


Passengers or their caregiver are to call and renew their subscriptions every 30 to 90 days to prevent disruption in services.


Passengers are to call 24 hours in advance to schedule their rides.


Passengers who have other riders riding with them must inform the scheduler when scheduling the ride.

This information was compiled from the MTS website. However, information regarding MTS has been removed from the Mecklenburg County Department of Social Servicesí website. For more detailed information, please call the Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services Customer Service Center at 704-353-1500.